4th Annual

Director’s Message

Kitty Bailey, MSW


Many of us have been on a roller coaster watching actions in Washington, D.C., related to healthcare coverage over the past few months. Being in San Diego, I know that I sometimes feel very removed from the politics and policy-making that happens far away. Like many of you, my day is spent working on local goals. For Be There San Diego that includes working with all of you to eliminate heart attacks and strokes through local actions.

In this newsletter we are highlighting a new study confirming that our local actions work. A team of researchers has concluded that our collective work is significantly associated with a 16.5 percent drop in hospitalizations for heart attacks over a four-year period. That’s 2,735 lives positively affected by our work, not to mention the $61 million saved in healthcare spending.

While BTSD does not affect national policy directly, I believe the collective actions we are taking demonstrate how regional- and community- based solutions not only save lives but can lead the way to health equity during this divisive time in our country.

I am excited about the opportunity we have in the San Diego region to affect the national policy agenda by continuing on our journey of working together.

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